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HOROHORO HOUSE  has been constructed largely from timber cut from trees felled from the rural property on which is built.  

Most of the felled trees were Macrocarpa and Lawson Cypress, however, some Douglas fir was also milled and used for framing. The trees were unusually large and enabled timber lengths of over 7 metres to be cut. The largest piece measuring 500 x 200 x 7.2 metres long has been incorporated over the kitchen as a feature non-structural element spanning between the two main internal ridge beam support poles. The impressive sizes of the beams and rafters, together with the hefty 100mm thick bench tops and furniture give the house a timeless quality and a solidity that connects the house with the land……..fulfilling the client’s brief of a traditionally inspired yet contemporary rural homestead that acknowledges the family’s important Maori culture and values. 


The main Corsican pine ridge poles extend over 55 metres along the entire length of the house and are in turn supported on the main vertical support poles or poutokomanawa. The bolted steel plate connections are recessed and concealed underneath 25mm diameter manila rope lashings that impart a distinctive Polynesian feel. The heke or rafters are exposed as in the traditional Maori wharenui or meeting house.     



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